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Stuffed & Busted Episode 1: “All-You-Can-Hear”

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Stuffed & Busted is a new podcast about food in Shreveport and Bossier City, Louisiana and the people who grow, cook and eat it. Stuffed & Busted is produced independently by All Y’all.

Tell your ears to put on their stretchy pants! The first-ever episode of Stuffed & Busted is here, and it’s about all-you-can-eat buffets. In this episode, you will (hopefully) be entertained by such segments as:

  • Chris’s dad, Donny Jay, talks about his love of all-you-can-eat crab leg nights at DiamondJacks Casino in Bossier City.
  • Chris and Sara take video game designer Alex Gold to Golden Corral for Sunday brunch.
  • Chef David Bridges shares his “expansive” method of systematically eating his way through the Sumo Supreme Buffet in Shreveport.
  • Pancho’s Mexican Buffet enthusiast Michael Zuniga reflects on a lifetime spent raising the flag for more sopapillas.
  • In a recurring segment called “Ask a Dang Farmer,” we visit with Newt Lynn of Lynn Family Farms in Belcher.
  • Chris and Sara share their personal (and possibly worthless!) opinions on the local food and drink scene. Good stuff gets “stuffed” and the bad stuff gets “busted.”
A photo of soup
This beautiful bowl of bun bo hue is a topic of discussion in this episode of the Stuffed & Busted podcast.

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