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Momma and Daddy: Jaya McSharma, “#DaddyIssues”

Jaya McSharma shared a sweet, inspiring story of the power of love at All Y’all Live “Momma and Daddy” on March 11, 2016. Photo by Chris Jay.

Few All Y’all storytellers have ever seemed so comfortable in the spotlight as “Momma and Daddy” storyteller Dr. Jaya McSharma. Jaya had our sold-out audience in the palm of her hand from the moment that she stepped onstage, eliciting roars of laughter and more than a few tears. Her story takes us inside an Indian-American family on the cusp of gaining a new family member.

For more storytelling from Jaya, check out her writing in the Shreveport-based grassroots media outlet Heliopolis.

All Y’all Live: “Haunted” Tickets Available Now
The 10th All Y’all Live storytelling event, “Haunted,” will be held at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 12, 2016 at Remington Suite Hotel & Spa in downtown Shreveport. For lots more information and a link to buy tickets, check out the official event announcement.

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New ‘Round Here: Limbert Fabian, “Relocation Experiments”

A photo of Limbert and Marta Fabian
A photo of Limbert and Marta Fabian is displayed in Limbert’s office in Shreveport, La.

What if you met a beautiful person at a party, swept them off of their feet and the two of you eloped to a remote city in Mexico with 121 churches and wild packs of chihuahuas roaming the streets? “New ‘Round Here” storyteller Limbert Fabian and his wife Marta ran away to Mexico to get married, climb pyramids and eat “yogurth.” The story of Limbert and Marta’s romance is one of those “What if?” scenarios: what if Marta hadn’t gone to that party? What if she’d lost Limbert’s (many) card(s), and hadn’t called the next day? What if that giant volcano in Cholula had erupted while Baz Luhrrman’s art director was taking Limbert and Marta’s wedding photos?

-Chris Jay

I normally don’t write our posts; but, I wanted to add that Cholula is an incredibly fascinating city. The Great Pyramid of Cholula is one of the largest pyramids on this side of the world. Apparently, it was orginally erected to honor the god Quetzalcoatl. Today, and when Limbert and Marta were there, the pyramid has a beautiful Catholic church erected on top. In a lot of ways, the location mirrors their relationship – sometimes the new stuff just needs to get located on top of the old stuff.  Expect change, because at some point Quetzalcoatl is going to be the old god and the future holds something beautiful, new and exciting. Heavy, right?

Sara Hebert

The image in the player above is CC-licensed, attributed to Janice Waltzer. Thanks, Janice!