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I Fought the Law: Samuel Mims, “Generally Irritated”

A photo of Colonel Sam Mims
Colonel Samuel Mims shares his thoughts on the State of Louisiana at All Y’all Live: I Fought the Law on Saturday, July 16, 2016. Photo by Stan Carpenter.

I will never forget the first conversation that Sara and I had with Colonel Samuel Mims, a pastor, environmental activist and community organizer who spoke at All Y’all Live: I Fought the Law on July 16, 2016. Colonel Mims was sitting in his pickup truck in a gravel parking lot in Minden, Louisiana, where we’d arranged to meet. When Sara and I began to explain how the All Y’all process works (we meet with storytellers, rehearse and help them refine their stories in the weeks leading up to each live event), Colonel Mims gently but firmly held up a hand and said: “Now, I’m not going to be doing any rehearsals. That’s just not me.”

When he took the All Y’all stage, we had no idea what Colonel Mims was going to say. He delivered a fiery call to action fueled by his righteous indignation over what he sees as systemic failures of leadership in Louisiana. In his voice, we hear anger and exasperation, but we also hear love and hope.

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The 10th All Y’all Live storytelling event, “Haunted,” will be held at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 12, 2016 at Remington Suite Hotel & Spa in downtown Shreveport. For lots more information and a link to buy tickets, check out the official event announcement.

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Mistakes Were Made: Chris Kirkley, “Tinker and the Saturday Night Car”

A photo of Chris Kirkley
“Mistakes Were Made” storyteller Chris Kirkley, wearing a sombrero at a bachelor party in 2012.

In rural communities, the automobile isn’t a convenience, it’s a necessity. We depend upon our cars and trucks for survival and begin to regard them almost like family members, since there’s no public transportation and the commute to work often means a 20- or 30-minute drive to a neighboring town. A breakdown on a lonesome stretch of backroad feels a lot different than a breakdown in more metropolitan surroundings. It feels a lot more desperate, a lot more like the end of the line. In what’s left of rural America, a dependable car is a well of hope and possibility. Sitting out in the driveway, a reliable ride seems to promise: If it gets to be too bad, I’ll take you anywhere you want to go.

On the flip side of that coin, a car can be your undoing. “Mistakes Were Made” storyteller Chris Kirkley shares a wonderful story of one such instance. His story, “Tinker and the Saturday Night Car,” is a moving personal memoir and tribute to a man named Tinker from Minden, Louisiana. As you’ll hear in Kirkley’s unique voice, Tinker made the questionable decision to purchase a used car of unknown provenance at a roadside bar somewhere outside of Minden. The rest of the story is one of unforeseeable consequences as well as, in the end, the kind of resilience to keep moving that you find in well-built, older American cars and the well-built, older Americans that drive them.

The next All Y’all live event, “Under the Influence,” will be held at 7:30 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 13. Tickets and lots more info can be found here. Team All Y’all is going “all-in,” as Sara says, and we’ll be releasing an episode of All Y’all every single damned day between now and “Under the Influence.” So, check in often – there are some great stories on deck.

Just as a little aside: One of the most ridiculous car accidents that I’ve ever heard about also happened in Minden, Louisiana, where a dog named Honeybun drove a van through the front entrance of a Regions bank a few years back. This unbelievable story is, thankfully, still available to be read via the website of KTBS.com.