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I Fought the Law: Sarah Smith, “Benefit of the Doubt”

A photo from an All Y'all Live event
Sarah Smith shares her story onstage at All Y’all Live: “I Fought the Law” in July 2016. Photo: Stan Carpenter

Storyteller Sarah Smith took the All Y’all stage in July 2016, during our live event entitled “I Fought the Law,” to share her personal account of trial by fire. The first case that Smith ever took to trial during her time as a public defender turned out to be a maelstrom of media coverage, protests and social media outrage.

Much of the public has only heard one side of this highly publicized story, which involved accusations of animal cruelty against a young black man from Shreveport. In this episode of the All Y’all podcast, we present another perspective on this controversial case.

All Y’all Live: “Haunted” Scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 12 
The 10th All Y’all Live storytelling event, “Haunted,” will be held on Saturday, Nov. 12, 2016 at Remington Suite Hotel & Spa in downtown Shreveport. For lots more information and a link to buy tickets, check out the official event announcement. All proceeds from this event will be donated to the Louisiana Association for the Blind thanks to the kindness of our season sponsors as well as special “Haunted” event sponsor Remington Suite Hotel & Spa.

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Further Reading: Louisiana’s Public Defender Funding Crisis
The Sixth Amendment guarantees all Americans “the right to an attorney.” The idea is simple: if you find yourself in legal trouble and lacking the money to hire a lawyer, the state will hire one on your behalf. But…what happens when the state doesn’t have any money, either?

All Y’all isn’t a resource for “hard news” stories like Louisiana’s public defender funding crisis. But several local news outlets have filed stories about the situation, and the situation continues to draw national attention. We encourage the All Y’all community to get educated about this insane situation. Here are a few links that may be useful in doing so:

Crisis as Caddo, Bossier public defenders face cutsThe Times, March 4, 2015
Caddo DA responds to Public Defender’s funding crisis plan – KTBS.com, March 6, 2015
At work with a Caddo public defenderThe Times, April 8
The numbers: Louisiana’s public defender funding crisis – KTBS.com, October 9, 2014

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Ladies Night: Shannan Hicks, “Lenny Kravitz is Downstairs”

A photo of Shannan Hicks
Shannan Hicks takes the stage at “Ladies Night” on Saturday, March 14.

On Saturday, March 14, we hosted our fourth All Y’all live storytelling event, “Ladies Night,” at the beautiful and historic Woman’s Department Club in Shreveport. It was a night of firsts for All Y’all: our first event with a title sponsor (thank you, Holiday Lanes), our first event with a cash bar that didn’t suck (thank you Southern Fork Catering)…and our first-ever wild card storyteller, Shannan Hicks.

The idea behind the wild card storyteller is simple: prior to intermission, audience members who’d be interested in telling a story with little to no warning toss their names into a hat. At the end of intermission, a name is drawn. That person tells a 10-minute story on the night’s theme (in this case, womanhood) with all of 30 seconds to prepare. To place this in context: most of our storytellers have three to five weeks to prepare. Shannan had 30 seconds.

The story she told couldn’t have been a more perfect lead-in to our next live storytelling event. Tickets are now on sale for “Brush with Fame,” which will be held at 7 p.m. on Saturday, June 6 at Shreveport Little Theatre (purchase tickets here). This evening of stories will focus on regular people who’ve had run-ins with larger-than-life figures, household names and pop culture icons. Shannan’s story – of sharing a continental breakfast with a sex symbol of the 90s – is more than a brush…it’s a bagel with fame.

Have you met a celebrity? If so, All Y’all would love to hear your story! Just call the story hotline at (318) 582-0665 and tell us how it went down.

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