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Haunted: Steven Abney, “Personal Demons”

A photo of Steven Abney
Storyteller Steven Abney, photographed on the porch of his home in Shreveport’s South Highlands neighborhood.

Ghost stories can be a lot of things: visceral, frightening, unnerving. But very seldom do they drift into territory that could be described as intimate or personal. Storyteller Steven Abney took the stage at our Nov. 12, 2016 live event, “Haunted”, and delivered a ghost story that was as equally suited for Ghost Hunters as it was for Dr. Phil. This spine-tingling tale of a haunted house and one man’s struggle to shake loose of his demons continues to be one of the most unique All Y’all stories told to date.

Coming Soon: All Y’all Live, “The Skin I’m In”
On Saturday, Aug. 26, All Y’all will return to the Woman’s Department Club for our 12th live storytelling event, “The Skin I’m In”. We are looking for six great stories of identity, acceptance (or the lack thereof) and the journey of self-discovery. If you think you’ve got a story for “The Skin I’m In”, please call our storyteller hotline at (318) 582-0665 and leave us a message.

“Stories of the Strings”
If you’re reading this post during the summer of 2017, check out our upcoming “Stories of the Strings” nights. Chris and Sara from All Y’all host these “show and tell”-style evenings featuring guitar players and collectors discussing their most treasured instruments. Events will be held at Artspace Shreveport every Wednesday night in June and July. Shows begin at 6 p.m. and admission is $5. Join us!

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Haunted: Christopher Louis Wilson, “A Wing and A Prayer”

A photo of Chris Wilson
Storyteller Christopher Louis Wilson and his daughter, Camryn.

On May 11, 2016, Christopher Louis Wilson published a post on his blog, From the Desk of Mr. Coach Wilson, about his lifelong love affair with Shreveport-based restaurant Wing Taxi. Within 24 hours, the post had gone viral in Shreveport, with thousands of views and social shares leading the owner of the restaurant to reach out to Wilson. As it turns out, Wilson isn’t the only Shreveporter obsessed with the quirky, gypsy-like wing joint. For many locals, the taste of home is Cajun ranch lemon pepper garlic Parmesan.

For our November 2016 live storytelling event, “Haunted”, Wilson took the stage and shared a surprisingly personal, heartfelt story of love, loss and yearning.

All Y’all Live: “I Just Work Here” Tickets Available Now
The 11th All Y’all Live storytelling event, “I Just Work Here,” will be held at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, Apr. 1, 2017 at The Woman’s Department Club of Shreveport. For lots more information and a link to buy tickets, please check out the official event announcement. We’d also be thrilled if you’d consider sharing the official Facebook event.

A photo of Nate Treme
Nate Treme performs at an All Y’all live storytelling event in July 2016. Photo by Stan Carpenter.

Thank You, Nate Treme
If you enjoy the background music in this episode of the podcast, you can hear more work from producer Nate Treme on his Bandcamp page. Nate has performed live musical interludes at most of our live storytelling events to date and has become an integral part of the All Y’all family. He’s also an incredibly gifted graphic designer, whose work you can see here. Thank you, Nate!

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The 2017 season of All Y’all live events and podcasts is made possible by our title sponsor, Holiday Lanes. The All Y’all podcast is also sponsored by Maccentric and Williams Creative Group.